GIS Website

Esri ArcIMS, .ASP solution. Public facing website used to view various types of property based information. Users can view aerials, zoning, future land use, flood zones, etc. The property look up searches through the address layer in SDE. Originally created in 2002.

Note This application is in the process of being rewritten.

  GIS Dashboard

Used to view information about the GIS Network. Items such as open help desk tickets, connected SDE users, locked SDE feature classes, and SDE database edit states. Esri license information was also available in the application.

  Web Edits

Esri ArcGIS Server Javascript API. Allows the Public Works & Utilities, Fire, and Engineering Departments to edit various GIS data. Authenticated users can add, update, and delete GIS features.



ASP.NET (VB.NET) Web Forms Application. Used to store information on site plans, subdivisions, annexations, rezonings, conditional use zonings, etc. Users can enter this information, attach .pdf’s, and view various embedded Crystal Reports. C.R.U.D. application

Public Safety


ASP.NET, Esri ArcGIS Server JSAPI. Second version of the application that uses the Esri Network Analyst Extension for AGS to conduct the routing. There were also a numerous modifications made to the UX using CSS3.

  Fire Prevention/Occupational License Search

ArcIMS, .ASP solution. Allows staff to search through previous Fire Department Inspection Reports (to report notice of hazards)

Note This application has been replaced, by a non-spatial solution written by a 3rd party vendor. The application is still online, but used for historical purposes only.

Warning Intranet Only

Public Works

  mViewer (Mobile)

Esri ArcGIS Server Javascript API, jQuery Mobile This is a mobile version of mViewer. It is designed for smartphones, tablets, etc. It uses some HTML5 functionality such as geolocation.


  Information Technology PC Inventory

ASP.NET (VB.NET) Web Forms Application Used by I.T. staff to store information on user’s PC location, hardware, network, monitors, printers, and other peripherals. C.R.U.D. application with SQL Server Reporting Services.

Warning Intranet Only